Sunday, July 18, 2010


Once upon a time, I had a little boy who ate nothing. He was the ultimate toddler fussy eater. This kid would not eat anything, not even junk food. This is a story in itself, so I will not dwell on it, but the point is, the day I got him to eat a piece of toast with peanut butter on it was, in my mind, cause for a national holiday, complete with fireworks and dancing in the streets.

Of course, his progress did not happen quickly. He went from eating peanut butter toast to bananas. One bite of a banana. The rest? No. One bite was enough for him. Now, I know a million recipes for slightly mangled bananas, it was easy to make muffins or banana bread or something. But then, he started in on peaches, and one bite was enough for that too. I suppose warped peaches could have gone into muffins as well, but I decided to send out a mass email asking my friends and family for peach recipes. This is what I got in response, it was actually the ONLY response I got from an old high school friend.


2 slices of whole wheat bread (currently I am using a 5-grain loaf from the Village Grocer, I know that means nothing to everyone not from U'Ville, but it is really good, I will get the name and edit this the next time I have a loaf in the house)
light cream cheese
1 slightly mangled peach (or a perfect intact, beautiful peach will work also ;) ), sliced

I like to grill the peach slices first just to be on the safe side. Just a little bit in a small frying pan does it.
Spread cream cheese on bread
Arrange grilled peach slices on top
If you have a panini press, use it. If not, you can grill this sandwich in the same little frying pan you did the peach slices in.

Words really cannot describe how yummy this is. Enjoy!


  1. Hi there, really enjoying your blogging. Your OAS seems quite mild, do you not have any problems at all with cooked fruit/vegs, sauces etc?

  2. I do have problems with cooked green beans, asparagus, and corn. I also cannot cut up raw red pepper with incident. My allergist says my case is actually quite severe in a way as I experience debilatating abdominal pain in addition to mouth/ear/throat burning.